white outfits looking sexy and sassy

I work in a daycare center, caring for the very youngest babies (usually under 6 months old). I can't count the number of times I've heard "You have such an easy job!" "You must love just playing with babies all day." "I wish I could get paid to sit and watch some babies sleep." It's really frustrating to have what I do downplayed.

Let me make it clear - I love my job. Absolutely love it. Working with kids is what I was meant to do, and I love every one of my babies like they were my own. Having said that, it is *not* baby sitting. It is not watching TV while baby is napping. I have 4 babies in my care every day. I feed them, burp them, change them. I rock them to sleep. I deal with vomit and diaper blow outs. I work with them on speech and motor skills and all the other things that babies are learning. I hand out teething rings to soothe swollen gums, and I walk the floor with colicky babies who don't understand why they're in pain. white outfits looking sexy and sassy

Why do I do it? Because for every stressful moment, I have two moments of joy. Because there is nothing like watching a child I knew as an infant running to me for a hug and kiss. Because the feel of a baby snuggling into my chest as they sleep is something I can't even describe. Because seeing a tiny mouth smile at me for the first time can make my whole day. Because being able to ease a nervous parent's mind so that he/she can work productively makes me feel great.

Long story short - I have a great job and I love what I do, but please don't tell me how easy it is to do it.