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"The answers are within yourselves. But, you trap yourselves by the questions that you ask. You are obsessed by questions. When you do not ask questions, then the answers come. And, you understand them without words. You try to understand by limiting. And, you can not do that. Your questions limit the answers that you will receive. So, you must listen without questions.

You come here. And, you want to know: "How can I use and apply this knowledge? How can I make this magic real? How can I bring it down to earth and use it?"

But, when you understand, then the knowledge becomes what you are. And, it grows with you. And, you use it without knowing that you do so, as a flower uses the sunshine.

As soon as you think you have learned something new, then you want to know: "How can I use it? How can I show that I have it? How can I prove to myself that this knowledge is mine?" And so, you try to grab it down and make it physical in ways that you can understand.

As soon as you realize that you have other selves, you want to know in what year did I live and in what year did I die. And, was I a man or a woman? And, where are the records? And, how can I check this out? And, in so doing, you automatically limit your knowledge and try to bring it down into terms that you think you understand. And, you end up with a lovely story. And, you think that the story is real.

But, the story is within you, unfolding. You are what it is. You are the question and the answer. Feel your selves. Feel within your selves. And, feel what your feeling feels. You are the miracle that you think you do not understand. It is what you are. You are what it is. Then, do not think to put this down in black and white or question yourselves or Ruburt or myself or anyone. You are the question and the answer. The question is unutterable. And, so is the answer. There is no one answer.

One moment of feeling what you are is an answer. And, I have said often before, the knowledge in one big toe there in the dark sock, is an answer. You are questions and answers to each other. And, what is unsaid has weight and substance and reality. And, my words are but a hint of what you know and are meant only to lead you inward to sense the miracles of your own reality. And, remember that that reality is joyful and not somber, that it is alive, that it rings within you. And: again, let the vitality that sings through this form sing through your own and through the pupil of your eye and dance on the tip of your ear and knows itself in the time of Egypt and the life of the time before the pyramids and knows itself in your own selves and in the vitality of your being. Therefore, feel the energy of your selves. And, let it fill your being. Let it arouse within you the answers that have no questions. what wedding items to wear for mature brides over 50/60

~ Seth (Jane Roberts), ESP Class 1972.05.23.