wedding wear options for older and mature brides

Offering milk, New Plymouth.

Hi there, I am new to donating breast milk but have had an over supply with all of my children so would really like to help others out this time. My baby is 9 weeks old, I have milk frozen from 9 days old through to today (I am pumping about 100mls per day). I have high lipase so the first month I was not scalding/flash heating it so it will have the high lipase taste (some babies don't like it), but the past few weeks I have been scalding as reco wedding wear options for older and mature brides ... mmended. Some of the milk I have labelled, as I was on amoxicillin for a sinus infection also. I am off the antibiotics now and am alcohol and smoke free. I will have the occasional coffee but no more than 1 per day and always after pumping. I can arrange shipping it to someone at their cost. Currently have about 1.3L frozen. Please message me, if anyone is interested xx

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