vintage style items with lace decorated for a prom

This week's 75th Anniversary Post #11/75, highlights the friendship between Bruce Lee and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Kareem met Bruce in 1967: "Here was a strong man, I thought as we talked, this guy doesn't play." Kareem would go on to train with Bruce: "His strength began with his amazing concentration. Bruce showed me how to harness some of what was raging inside me and summon it completely at my will." Their friendship blossomed in the coming years. vintage style items with lace decorated for a prom

In 1972, Bruce asked ... Kareem to appear in "Game of Death" (pictured in this post).

"Bruce was a wonderful guy. He was a very dedicated family man. He was very loyal to his friends. He really appreciated his friends. Despite being in Hollywood and being in the acting profession, where you've got to deal with a lot of phony people, that fact that he had friends and appreciated them was very special to me. I really miss him a lot."


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