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Amazing and fun week in San Francisco with the family. Some of my observations of the city:
- food was OUT OF THIS WORLD, in particular the coffee and produce. It was also nice to find good Mexican food!
- the weather was exactly the same, every day. Foggy when waking up, clouds burning off during late morning, sunny and dry, around 70 during the day (and HOT when in direct sun) and then fog rolling in again in the evening. So predictable!
- much dirtier than expected (piles of trash everywhere), and older looking than it actually is. Architecture wasn't anything amazing and very little urban landscaping (at least where we were in the financial district)
- the homeless situation is absolutely horrific. On a 20 min. walk, I'd pass at least 30 homeless every time. Wondering how the city is handling this epidemic.
- super quiet and low key city (very little honking, no screaming, very few sirens, etc.). Saw hardly any police cars or police presence on the streets.
- even though we were in the financial district where you'd expect to see lots of suits, people were very casually dressed. The typical "uniform" was jeans, shirt, closed toe shoes and computer backpack. No one wears shorts white clothes (probably because it's not practical) two tone bridesmaid dresses
- the public transportation was excellent and plentiful (BART subway, cable cars, trolleys and buses).
- locals don't call it "San Fran" - just us outsiders.
Would love to come back, but next time tour the coast and wineries.
See you next time, SF, CA!