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1. Ladies, men generally know it is
their "responsibility" to make the
phone calls. Unless they are
extremely insecure, in which case why
would you bother anyway, they will
call you if they want to talk to you.
They will also return your calls to
them, if they want to talk to you.
Trust in this, if he is into you, he
WILL call. If he doesn't, then be over
it. You will only annoy him, and there
is no turning back from being
annoying. This has never failed, and
it never will. I know it's hard to fight short mini prom gowns suitable for skater
the urge, but this is worth it in the
2. I know it's tempting when your
snuggled close together to want to
talk about your relationship, and find
out where you stand in all this
madness. First off, men are more
action oriented when it comes to love,
the fact he is snuggling with you is
his way of showing you he cares
about you. Don't ruin it by trying to
analyze things. You'll find him
scooting over and bringing that arm
back from around your shoulders real
quick. Talking about feelings makes it
all too much a reality for a man, and
he will close up. You might find a
sensitive one here and there, but
better safe than sorry.
3. Stop asking questions about his
past girlfriends. A question or two
about why they broke up is fine, you
have a right to know if she tried to
kill him. But, too many questions
about them can lead to all sorts of
problems, that is including a
reconciliation. You get him thinking
about those good old days, and she
might be the one he's calling
4. Make it a habit of stepping outside
yourself if you find that you have
been babbling on and on. Most men will
listen for a while, but when you start
going into how you like to dress your
cat for the fall season, you might
want to just show him Fluffy's
wardrobe instead of describing it for
two hours.
5. Here's an important one, at least
in the beginning, don't shed any
tears. If you've caught a sad movie,
he'll find it endearing, but if your
sobbing because he forgot to hold
your hand or kiss you goodbye, you
are turning him off for sure.
6. This is an oldie, but a goodie. Don't
be so available. If you have been out
a few times, the next time he asks,
say you have plans. He's not going to
give up asking you out because you
have a life. Also, if he says he is
going out with the boys tell him how
cute you think it is, and that you
hope they tear it up and have a wild
time. You will score points with this,
and he'll be thinking about you while
he's out. I guess you could say you're
putting a little reverse psychology at
work here, but this is almost always
a fail proof tactic.
7. Okay Ladies, let's talk about
Hallmark cards, greeting cards, and
just about any card you can think of.
(Handmade Included) Unless it's a
birthday, in which case, you should
get something funny and just sign
your name, don't give your guy cards
with a short novel written in them, or
your latest poetry. This is also
including those long drawn out
letters, and if your far away a letter
is okay, but stay away from the hand
to hand kind. Every man I know
cringes at the thought of these. I
know you want to pour your heart
out, but it's too much for a man to
swallow when your first starting out.
If he sends them to you, then you
can send them back to him with no
worries. But, this is highly unlikely,
I'm afraid.
8. Most men know that the "I forgot
my (fill in the blank )at your place"
trick, is a sham. Unless he's never
had any dealings with women, he
knows what your trying to do here. If
he wants you to leave your things at
his place, he'll say " Why don't you
just leave that here?" This can really
creep some men out. If it really is an
accident, they will know you didn't
mean it. It's a good idea, though, to
check and make sure you have
everything to avoid him mistakenly
thinking you did it on purpose.
9. Unless he asks you, DON'T show up
at his work. This should be pretty
self explanatory. It's a bad idea on so
many levels.
10. And last but not least, do not
bring up marriage, and all your hopes
for a huge family. If he asks, trust
that he's not looking for all the
dreams you had when you were 12
years old about your wedding day, and
the gown you designed. Do not talk
about what your kids would look like,
and how you would raise them
together to be good caring citizens.
If he initiates this kind of talk, then
you can play around with the topic,
but keep it a fun conversation, or he
will be dreading he ever brought it
up. Unless your a mail order bride,
and going over your arrangements,
this is something you should avoid
drumming up a conversation about.
These are 10 mistakes I see over,
and over again. They are made in
many different ways, but almost
always have the same negative
result. The most important thing to
remember is that men are different,
and they just don't move to the same
beat as our drum. It's always the
best attack to not be like all the
other girls who made him
uncomfortable, and just let him have
a good time. In the beginning, let him
hold the keys to all the doors that
lead to the "feeling" rooms. He will
open them when he's ready, and lock
them for good if you constantly knock
on them