see through prom dress

I have an almost 20 month old son. He's my 1st and has been vegan since conception. The basic "rules" I follow when trying to make sure he gets enough nutrients are: some sort of beans, a seed (chia or flax always, sometimes hemp or tahini too) a nut butter, as many different colors fruit & veggies as I can get into him and some whole grains everyday (lots of oats lately). That's the basic framework my tired sleep deprived brain can keep track of. Anyone have any simple rules/ tricks they use? I have Cronometer but I don't usually use it because I'm not really sure how much of any given meal ends up in his belly vs thrown on the floor. I'm still nursing him too and he takes 1 veglife tablet a day. At his 1 year apt his iron levels were a little low, so bonus for iron rich foods. see through prom dress