red items to wear of the cocktail

Rant: Among some of the many things I hate about Savannah Georgia is the fing crack head beggers. Like I love NYC Chicago and Bogota, all cities with millions of people and tons of crack head begging bums but none are worse than here. Crackheads literally will be banging on your car window as you exit 95 to 204, and that amount of dollars I see being handed out is disgusting. Like have half a fucking backbone and don't give out your hard earned dollars to these scum of the earth mother fucks to get high. They have no charm, they don't sing or dance or juggle fire they just attack people with this attitude, not like please help me eat, but instead, you all owe me dollars so I can get high. And it works with insane efficiancy. They don't get pennys or quarters, but serious cash. Atleast they leave me alone though because I know how to look at them. Like im dreaming about returning in the evening to their little crack den and doing shit to them that would make Nazi vomit. red items to wear of the cocktail