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Ouch. Mutant feet strike again. Possible re-broken cuboid bone in my left foot. I was bitchy cranky at the saloon today. As a reminder, I had work done in 2008/09 to rebuild feet. Look up "foot bones" and see Navicular, Talus and Cuboid bones. They shaved the Navicular so tendons could reach the arch. They installed titanium spacers under the Talus. And they knicked Acchilles tendon and released the Gastroc Nemius muscle for more flexibility in my ankles. The Cuboid bone firs on sale wedding options With Lace Appliques ... t broke after I flirted with a 24 year old bartender. Mary was half me age. The Universe didn't approve. This time, it's just been crazy busy, running miles in the saloon. I see the foot Dr on Thursday for X-rays. Even after all that, I still say, "When you can wake up in the morning and take a piss, it's a good day". I say that, because there were days I could not do that. So I'll take a hobble here and there. Walk On. Later.

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