mormon items to wear of the prom situation

Our poor baby Chloe has a tongue ulcer and must be in great pain. Sunday she stopped eating on her own but foster momma kept up syringe feeding. Yesterday and last night we kept in communication until 2:30 am and made the decision to bring her in to DR B first thing at 8am today. Her jaw is clamped shut and she looked so sad last night. Her radiographs scheduled for tomorrow, Wed will take place today. mormon items to wear of the prom situation
Chloe is barely pooping because she cannot eat except for what is force-fe ... d and late last night and this am she finally began fighting that. I am a bit stressed about funds because it's not just Chloe needing vet care. We try our hardest not to make You Caring or Go Fund Me's to which fees are lost, diminishing the donations meant for bunny care.

Here is a repost of her pretreatment estimate for what we initially thought would just be spay, teeth trim and possible eye enuncleation. Thank you to those amazing donors that have already funded her radiographs, for which we are completely grateful


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