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Jessica Giamatti,
I'm not sure where to being. I sat an read ur post, that was meant for me. U posted ur thoughts, an ask questions, an some wild memories. But I guess in a child's mind, u remember things differently. So I want to answer ur questions. There wasn't a day that went by, that I didn't think abt u. Or I can't count the night mares, or the nughts I'd wake up crying. Because of the pain an hurt I felt. My heart was ripped out, an torn to shreads. I feel into deep depression. I felt like had lost my mind, life, an heart. But I never lost my rights to u. I fought with courts in Minnesota, along with courys in Wv. I took ur fathers an grandmothers to court. With visitation an the return to me with all 3 of u. But I guess that was a misprint in court papers. An as far as me comin to see u. Well seems to me u have left a few times out. Because there was times that David&Kim came, mom&Julio came, James&Shawn came. An yes it is true, when I came up to see u an Joey, I'd be in the kitchen arguing with Jimmy. Because he thought me coming around upset his family. And his family (kelli) is what mattered. So I'd listen, get to spend my 3 hour visit with him an (kelli) an an hour with u an Joey . An far as coming in Jimmy's house an knocking kelli down with a baby in her arms. IS A MOTHERFUCKING LIE!!!. Igot tired of fighting with Jimmy&kelli abt seeing my children. I went back to court. An they was to bring u to Princeton so I could visit here. But they didn't like that. Said they couldn't afford gas to bring u an Joey down every other weekend. So that dint work. Cause it was on (kelli) terms. So I came back to Charleston to see u all again. An this time/last time, I was allowed around u an Joey. I was told" u coming around r cause the kids to act out in school, they want listen, ur telling them ur taking them with u, they r having night mares. I just can't have u interrupting the life u have built here.! Was a good one. And if I'm not mistaking my brother an Kim was with me. Cause I remember the drive back in my car. Then there was the time Jay past away, or when granny Harman past way. U wasn't allowed to come b around none of the family. Jimmy thought I might kidnap u. Funny how ur memories don't seem to b the same. Or here is a good one. Christmas 98, Jeannette an her boyfriend sent word to me"I could take my welfare gifts back. Their kids don't need them. Granted I was never there to save u or wipe ur tears, kiss ur boo- boos, ur prom ur first date ur first kis. An I hate myself for that. But don't think for one minute I didn't think abt u or ur brothers, or that I didn't want u. Because it's a lie. It's a lie when Jimmy says I never paid child support for u or Joey, cause DHHR has proff that says other wise. How do u think I knew where u an Joey moved to. When u was suspose to b in Jeannette's custody. That was funny. I let u come down to start school, an was fighting to send Joey down. U was to b with Jeannette, but by time I get down here, ur with Jimmy, he is living with a 15 year old run away, he is getting a check an stamps. But I come back, he is luvin the good life. (Oh I forgot, when ur mom works at the welfare office u get by with shit, others would lose everything over) It's 23 years later an I've still never done a damn thing for u. Cause in ur post, u left a lot of things out that I've done, an Tommy has done. Like ur explore, u left out the fact that when we was comin from Princeton to Charleston to fix something u said Jason wouldn't fix. An while we(Tommy) was workin on it an paying for everything, a close friend of mine( my brothers step son died) so I took a few days an had to do a family thing. While this was happening, u r saying Jason was raisin hell cause tomny wasn't fixin ur car fast enough to please u an Jason. An the morning we came back I text u an told u was in our way. I dint know then (but do now) why he acted like a prik, would beat on u. When he started running his mouth an punched u in the for head, but oh look the other way. Ok but when he started talkin shit to my husband I wasn't gonna have it. Cause Tommy didn't do shit, but come work on ur car like u ask someone to do. An it wasn't at the time costing u or him nothing. But when he acted like a fool cause I knocked on door an ask for keys. He'll yes I told Tommy to leave the damn thing alone an put his tools in the van. Tommy never stole any thing if jasins I promise u that. Tommy is not a the if. So there is another if ur lies. An then u firgit abt how I could buy geacie a dune racer power wheels for christmas, but I couldn't give it to her, ud send me a picture of her with it. So that got canceled. Then her birthday, oh well it's ok if u bring it to her now. I'll met u in a parking lot so she can get it. What did I do, rush up there. U have forgot abt everytime u felt like talking to me, how I'd go an get Gracie school clothes, or the tablet,. An this was b4 u came back to Princeton. Granted it wasn't a lot, but damn it I sure tried. An let's see, this time u started talking to me, it's been 2 months. I've bought Gracie clothes shoes, an I didn't buy cheap clothes, (u said she was being bullied) the $100 nerf gun, everyme I came up I took her an she came back with toys, food, what ever she wanted. The 4 brand new tires Tommy put on ur explorer, ( all the weed) not counting all the cleaning stuff an hygiene stuff, or the treatment for Gracie's hair an urs. But I never try or I never cared. Anytime I was ever allowed in ur life, I done everything I could to help u. U say what abt Joey, well we was apying Joey's rent, so he could ride a skate board an tag is mark all over bluefield. We tried to spend time with Joey, if ubdidnt rap, wanna hang with peeps, or just not do anything but ride skate board, there was no getting close to him. I sure wasn't hangin at the bars an clubs.. Tommy got tired of it. Said he needed to grow up an get a job. Granted I may not have done the best or done the right thing all the time, BUT DAMN I TRIED!!! The past few years it's always been on ur terms, ur way. Hell I was even accused of stalking ur sisters, an kelli, an u had mybdamn car. (WTF). I know I have always screwed up things in any of ur eyes, I've always been a piece of shit in ur eyes, ur fathers eyeys an grandmothers eyes. An I've learned to live with that. But I never forgot abt u Joey or bj. So u know.... An regardless to what u, Joey, bj think I always wanted u, I always loved u, it killed me, not being with u. Never got over it!!! long sleeve wedding dresses for sale