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Does Gareth Morgan have admirable intentions, as I see it, or is it other men who need to wake up and realise it's 2017 and that New Zealand society has moved on, at least a little, from being so harshly and overpoweringly sexist as it was in the 1970s and 80s? To some people, he might as well be calling Jacinda Ardern a pig herself but luckily she has good support systems to protect her from this kind of sneaky personal insult dressed up in innocent-idiom-clothes; a Kiwi specialty via it's Very British roots. Does he want to eradicate the competition by attacking any vulnerability she may have about her looks or perhaps he's playing the sad old DanceForMe song by poking the insult-stick at her in an effort to get the pretty li'l lady all fired up, like a ham actor in one of those cheap and cheesy American westerns that were feature-filler films in the 1950s, 60s and 70s as some Kiwi blokes have been known to do. Possibly he is trying to get her on board as a policy-collaborater; he's certainly got his finger on the pulse of how the economy works and appears to have a heart for the people of our land, as does she. Will she accept his charitable offer? My breath is being held already. Will women everywhere in Aotearoa vote for Labour in droves or, it still being Man'sWorld New Zealand to a great extent, will big chunky bits of the voting majority be turned off at this unknown quantity who some will judge as an upstart chickie, most politicians being men? Will The Opportunities Party take up the slack from the Greens and enter Parliament? After all, how many Old Rich Codgers get personally disturbed at how much tax they DON'T have to pay after selling off astonishingly valuable business assets in this country; I loved that so much! I'm a tiny bit over the admirable-yet-ego-tainted Winston Peters as kingmaker anyway; for how long has that been the case now? The last two elections? Or is it three? Maybe even four, it seems so long. I'm so excited to see how this election campaign will play out; that I just can't hide it. Get onto the electoral role and let's do this! long maxi wears which look beautiful :)

Morgan on Ardern: 'Show you're more than lipstick on a pig' A war of words has broken out after TOP leader Gareth Morgan said Labour leader Jacinda Ardern needed to show she was more than lipstick on a pig. The conewstalkzb.co.nz