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Moses 111984
Needs Pulled By; 12/3
Franklin County Dog Shelter

"Moses" is a 4 1/2 year old neutered Beagle mix. 40lbs. He is rescue only due to medical. Our vet wrote: 11/28 Approximately 4.5 year old (owner surrender form reports 2 years of age; however, dentition suggestive of older age), male neutered medium mixed breed. BAR and interactive upon entering exam room. Food motivated, amenable of all handling while eating wet food.MM pink, CRT <2 sec, BCS 5/9; EENT: Teeth - moderate dental staining, mild to moderate dental tartar/calculus observed diffusely, ears/eyes/nose - wnl; CV: NSF, no murmur ausculted, femoral pulses strong/synchronous; Resp: normal bronchovesicular sounds all quadrants; Integument: apparently full/clean haircoat, nsf; Abdomen: soft/comfortable on palpation, nsf; Ortho: severe resentment for hands on exam of right hip, owner surrender for reported "broken hips" discontinued exam at this point as to not cause undue stress to dog and used sedation, decreased muscle mass right thigh, moderate decrease extension, right lateral stifle scarring with apparent thickening on palpation, mild decrease extension right hip, muscle mass appropriate, no pain on spinal palpation; Urogenital: neutered. lattest chic prom garment for plus size ladies
Stifle Radiographs: Previous orthopedic repair with two pins placed left proximal tibia, moderate degenerative changes with osteophytes in joints (patella, trochlear ridge), suspect previosu patellar avulsion surgery from tibial tuberosity fracture (old)
Pelvic Radiographs: Suspect legg-perthes disease (vs previous fracture with chronic degenerative changes), severe acetabular and femoral head remodedling, left hip joint well seated in acetabulum < 50% coverageTreatment:
1. Carprofen 37.5 mg PO BID x 10 d
2. Tramadol 50 mg PO BID x 10 d
3. Joint Supplements (until gone)
4. Extra Bedding Signage
Due to severe degenerative right femoral head changes requiring surgery (FHO vs THR) and extensive recovery with rehabilitation prior to adoption, rescue is the most appropriate option long term for Moses to seek treatment, recover, and find his adoptive home. Adding reminder to recheck comfort in AM.

Dog interaction: Hesitant to approach hd, flinchy when hd sniffed, continued on past and parallel walked with hd, didn't approach again, remained loose during walk

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