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Knobbly Knees in Teenagers
Osgood-schlatters Disease is a disturbance in the attachment of the patella tendon on the front of the tibia, the normally small lump of bone called the tibial tuberosity.
This part of the tibia develops separately from the shaft of the bone, and can be drawn away from the shaft by repetitive activity in children and teenagers before the two parts of the bone fuse. latest 2019 prom party wears in tea length
It can be very painful, preventing participation in sport and exercise, but usually recovers with prolonged rest.
It can lead to enlarged tibial tuberosities in adults giving the appearance of 'knobbly knees'

Osteopathic Considerations in Osgood-Schlatter Disease Osgood-Schlatter disease has a long and difficult to pronounce name, but the concept is quite simple. As children grow sometimes the tendon that connects theā€¦