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We have been hesitant to update everyone on Hudson's formula change because it has been going so well! It has now been 2 weeks since the formula change. In those 2 weeks Hudson has gained 1lb 5oz and is up to 13lb 15oz. He has had one check up in that time and it went really well. Hudson will have another checkup next week to do an X-ray to make sure there is no leaking and everything is still going well. Crossing our fingers! lace up wedding dresses

Hudson is definitely a new kid. He now on ... ly throws up 2-3 times a day. He loves to giggle and smile more. We like that we can play with him and work on developmental things. His feeding times shorten everyday and he is slowly but surely improving on the bottle. Hudson has definitely turned a corner. He deserves this break and this easier ride now and we pray God continues this for Hudson.

While Hudson is taking a break from surgeries, he's gonna coach his brother Aiden for his second surgery. Aiden has to have a minor out patient surgery to remove a cyst on his gum. It has always looked like a mucus blister since birth and it was supposed to pop. But since it hasn't popped yet, we had it looked at and they believe it is a cyst. Hudson will have some good words of encouragement for Aiden.

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