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The only thing I am going to post about the subject.
So your OK with the President being an unqualified manchild racist throwing a tantrum daily via Twitter... But your against statements in American Sports that represent a stand for equality ( because the USA is CLEARLY lacking under this administration ) Your idea of Patriotism and national priorities are wack and you're kind of a fucking sheep. items to wear in cocktail which is made by designer

People are NO longer accepting what they cannot Change and using their Power ... to change it.

Please get a pen and paper and map out some human decency. Maybe concentrate on fighting global warming and natural disaster preparation instead of crying because people on your favorite football team are "kneeling" for what is RIGHT in this country, and it is NOT your highly outdated National Anthem.
If you want to respect a Veteran, exercise your "GOD-GIVEN" right as a citizen of the United States of America.

Time to make things right and clean the house

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