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What Love made me Hope for.

When I was a kid it felt like I already had my life planned out. I had this dream about meeting my prince charming and live happily ever after. I dreamt of a perfect wedding. Me, riding a white horse and a flower crown over its head. I am wearing my white wedding dress paired with my favorite black knee length boots. Instead of wearing a tiara I wore the flower crown my mom made for me. As I arrived in my wedding place, I was mesmerized and it feels like my heart is about to blow up because of too much happiness and love. greek prom dresses

As I walk my way to the altar, I would look around the place. I wanted to see all my family's happy and contented face masked with a little dry tears in their faces. I wanted to see how happy they are for me. As I arrived in front of the altar where my supposed to be prince charming awaits for me.

But no. It can never happen for me. For my life is full of betrayal and trickery which traps me in this dark and lonely abyss. I can never escape it. Its like my feet is tangled by sadness and misery, and I can no longer fight it. Its like my hands are tied up with fear in trusting anyone around me. How can I escape this feeling?

Love made me hope for the best before. But life screwed my dreams and took it away from me.

- Crystine Amor