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Growing up, Menno never agreed with the Amish rules and tried his best not to obey them. He and his wife tried to leave the Amish when they were nearing their 30’s, but adjusting to the English culture proved to be more difficult than they thought, so they quickly returned to the Amish.

Menno still fought the rules, though, and one day, that rebellion resulted in five preachers coming to his house at once. Menno spent a long time questioning the preachers, and when the group ... ended the evening by telling him to quit reading the Bible, he decided he wasn’t able to accept being Amish anymore. Shortly after, he and his wife left the Amish a second time and this time, for good.

After being a Jehovah’s witness for some time, he soon realized that something was still missing. Menno searched, and one day, he finally found what he was looking for: Jesus.

To read about how he found Jesus and to see more of his powerful story, please click on the picture or link below:…/2009/09/22/menno-and-ruth-yoder

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Menno and Ruth Yoder We were originally from Ohio and western PA, but left the Amish in 1990 and went thru the same things that you guys did. When I was growing up, I never agreed with the Amish rules and for the most part didn't obey them either. When I was 29, my wife and I left the Amish for a short period of time an… garments which is affordable in 50 of the prom