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Let's "All Pray Together" for our Fellow American lives that have been devastated by the horrific hurricanes. Many have lost every material item that they have accumulated over their lifetime. When the hurricanes finally cleared out it was heart warming to see so many Americans come together because we shared the pain of others. We can all live together in peace. We have had the luxury to grow up in the Greatest Country in the world!
America has never been perfect but we ... as a nation have always been the First Country to reach out our hand to the rest of the world that was in need. We as One Nation can overcome any differences that have come between us. It's a matter Do We Want to! I pray tonight that we all look inside of our hearts and forgive others that have wronged us. Lord knows we ourselves will never stand without guilt. Love your neighbor as yourself. Be quick to forgive, so you may be forgiven. There's a good side to each and every person you meet. There's so many good things going on in America today. We just don't see as much of the good on social media. God Bless you tonight and tomorrow! May your tomorrow be blessed with health and happiness. Live, laugh and love! formal dresses for women over 50

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