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CARBOHYDRATES. I will try to be as simple as l can since the classification of carbohydrates is as complex as it's composition.
Carbohydrates consist of SUGARS, the STARCHES and DIETARY FIBER.
Sugars is present in various fruits and vegetables and grains.
In grains and vegetables it is in the form of starch. ...
Examples include bread, potatoes, cassava, legumes and corn( corn starch).
Starch and sugar are almost the same since the food energy in bananas when green is starch but turns to sugar when it is ripe. Similarly immature green peas are sweet because of their sugar content, but when it matures the sugar turns starch.
All forms of carbohydrates after digestion enters the blood as Glucose. That is why glucose in the blood is referred to as Blood Sugar. Carbohydrates in general is the source of energy in the body ( muscles,brain and tissue cells). In both sugar and starch there is what we call refined sugar and refined cereals and fats. What are the advantages of the crude sugar, cereals and fats as against the refined ones?. That is what we shall try to do if Allah permits us tomorrow. Good morning. flowy and ethereal wedding collections of chiffon

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