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I don't know whats going on .... but I like it ... cant sleep so many things are happening at one time- its all incredible and at the same time trying to organize it all to make sure nothing slips through.... and oh yeah GEORGIA BELL 18 IN DAYS!

I look back to right before my son... my Crowned Prince, the Legacy to the Bennett name... I knew my fathers name was going to be carried on when My Son Jack Sugars was on his way...

Well, the summer before he came to life, I lost my first tailor- he robbed me blind.. Erin and I moved, was back to sewing and trying to find help.. and then landed my first factory 21 days before Jack as born...

Over the last 4 years of making suiting for men I have grown exponentially and as of the last 6 months... I have moved production to one of the finest factories in the world, elevated cloth to even having special rights to certain things within these mills- things no one in the world has, and we just enhanced the overall experience to a world like nothing else.

Lets make you unstoppable... OR quit the Political Correct bullshit right there and just say lets make you UNFUCKABLE- Lets make you really understand who the hell you really are.... and how??

Lets build the exact you.. invest in the person you really know you are and do not take no for any answer. I cannot tell you about my clothing, you have to understand it by wearing it. Im not cheap but trust me... I know what the hell Im doing and if you don't like it, we will make it right until you are. When your soul knows its ready to make a change into dressing for serious success in any pathway you choose, you will come find me on 8th and Congress Ave or online and make an appointment.

If you haven't purchased an item since September of last year.... you really have no clue what we do now. You really want to see what I have access to and the world of cloth, the attentions to details that I produce now... the linings, the one of a kind fabrics. My world is unlike anyone else... no one can play with me... trust me..... The reason is- I don't sell suits, I listen to the integrity of your soul and we build that reflection.... truly by hand (are you following any social media since October to see all the posts of all the new products?)

Over almost a decade now I have learned a lot, failed a lot, still failing at some things, still learning and now expanding not only my company but most importantly my internal self. I have taken on partners, we have hired employees, and we are running... I cannot wait to share whats in store like really really soon.

Look things are crazy, things are happening, something might be seen on the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs SUNDAY from me... but who knows.. and that is only the start... I mean I don't know whats happened but man on man... since NYC- doors have opened, worlds are rapidly colliding on a daily basis because they are supposed to..I know deep down... talking deeeeeeep fucking down, that I am here to make men understand the true power within- call it clothing, call it a suit... that part of the transaction... its not relevant to me.... it is all about energy. The calendars are filling up, suits are moving weekly almost daily, headed to cities all over the country. I am here to help men understand the value of shopping with integrity and that service we truly provide within the walls of my suits. evening dresses online

From the details and lines of your body, I sculpt what you are actually trying to say. From Tall to short, small to large... IT DOESNT MATTER!! WE can all be powerful in any shape we want. We can all be powerful in how quiet and reserved we want to be... it does not matter.

Power is not defined by control of others... POWER IS DEFINED BY INTEGRITY, and CONTROL OF ONES SELF. Live and make decisions with integrity, do not let any rules get in your way, and live knowing that every thing you do, choose, think, say... it all comes out way before you even speak.

NOW MY PRINCESS OF the CASTLE is coming to this world.... Our world.... and the manifestation has exponentially grown and holy crap things are really exciting, but I have a team that is forcing me to stay quiet and you know what THAT IS FINE!

but this Ill share...

Sweet Baby G-

I know the world I am creating for my clients is blossoming because of you Georgia Belle.... I cannot wait to meet you- I am so blessed to have you come to this world... and because of you- because of your soul coming into mine- watching you grow in mommys tummy and me giving you the space to grow, and fly... you will come to me when you are Ready-
Baby G... you are the reason this world is here... Your brother Sugars is the Sweet to all my Sour, You are the Color to my Garden, and Mama is the Rock to this Kingdom.

My world will soon be complete with you in it Georgia... I cannot wait to meet you. I love you already more than you even know.



See you in a few hours sunrise, time to get a little shut eye.

xoxo RB