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Grad post #4
Some etiquette info today- While at PI there are a few things you can do to help your Marine. While in uniform or out they are held to a high standard. Here are a few things you will want to know about being on the island for family day.
If you make it to graduation practice please do not try to get their attention, they will know you are there I can assure you. Yelling at them is not ok, the DI's know who belongs to who in a very short time. Some will not think it is funny. Most of all DO NOT WALK ON THE PARADE DECK! that privilege needs to be earned. also stay off the grass that is well groomed. If the DI's start turning the group around do not chase around after them, they are likely doing it for a reason and it may just be the distraction on the sidelines. Unfortunately these are all things we hear about, that is why they are brought up.
Huge hugs when they are dismissed will of course be expected and fine however after that open displays of affection, for lack of a better way to put it, will need to be limited. They will not be able to hold hands, you will however be able to link arms to their left. Their right hand needs to be free at all times so they can salute.
They will probably want you to bring their cell phones even if they don't even look at them but will not be able to talk on the phone while moving around.
No matter how much you might like to don't try to force them into standing on the yellow footprints to get their picture. You only stand on those footprints one time and that is when you get to the island.
What you do directly reflects on your new Marine. While on the island keep this in mind. No matter how crazy they used to be they have learned a new standard for their behavior, especially in uniform. Respect your Marine by acting appropriately, this includes dress. This is not the time to wear the very short dresses, the real high heels will kill your feet as there is a lot of walking to be done. Tshirts should not have inappropriate for the place logos on them.
Be aware their language may not be what you call acceptable, lol. They have just spent the last 3 months hearing and using some of the most interesting language you may have ever heard. It will be tough to stop that suddenly. Sailor mouth has nothing on Marines. I am sure they will try to be respectful of you but please don't be too hard on them. Choice words have become part of everyday conversation to them.
Hope you are having a good day! The time is getting closer!
Grad post #5-
Your recruit will need you to bring clothing for them to travel in. The standards they are now to meet are pants or jeans with a belt and a golf or button down shirt. They should not be out in torn jeans or sweatpants, no tshirts with pictures on them. Sneakers are fine as long as in good shape. In a letter ask what they would like you to bring, remember due to weight loss or bulking up their clothes will not likely fit them.
Dress for parents and families are casual for Thursday- tshirts with logo are fine and jeans are good. Wear comfortable shoes-there is a lot of walking. For Friday church type clothes are best. Your Marines will be in Dress Blue Deltas which are dressy. For the younger girls I like to remind you there is a lot of hugging going on so keep this in mind when picking dresses, you will want them long enough.
Graduation is outside even if there is rain unless there is lightening within 5 miles or it is just too cold. You won't know until that day so bring the appropriate outerwear. This can be tough because the weather there changes all the time. On Thursday we were wearing light jackets at the most and Friday it was 30 degrees and ready to snow. We hit the ice storm from last year on the way back, so things can be unpredictable at best.
Enjoy your day and remember its getting closer by the day!
Important stuff!
Grad post #6
A lot comes after bootcamp. You take them home with you by whatever mode of transportation you choose, the Marine Corps determines how they get to their next stop. They are on leave for "10 days" but travel to get to the next place starts Sunday, Monday or Tuesday depending on how long it will take them to get to Camp Geiger. A lot travel on Monday as they have to be checked in by noon on Tuesday. Travel to Geiger will be arranged before they leave the island and they should stick to it unless you can be assured they will be there on time. If the transportation that was arranged in bootcamp is delayed there will be no problem as long as they call in but if you take them and something happens to make them late it could be an issue. evening dresses 2019
They will go to SOI- School of Infantry at Camp Geiger (with only a few exceptions), SOI is broken down into ITB (Infantry training Battalion) which is 59 days and MCT (Marine Combat Training) which is 29 days.
Will put links up soon for MCT and ITB, you wait to join them until almost the end of bootcamp