edgy style wears for prom and formal party

Just sent this to North County Bar which Woods & Woods recommended both malpractice and SSI atty. I have a bad week. No. Bad life and no one noticed but me! Fml.

I was diagnosed with dystonia in June 2017. I've been under the care of the VA since 1987 with subpar treatment(s) and totally ignored for my true symptoms. I'm not being treated at all my the VA, and what little they do is subpar. Criminal actually because dystonia is hereditary and I've past this gene to my two son's and my two young granddaughters. Within the VA, I've been laughed at, told they will only discuss a sinus infection not dystonia-- which the dystonia is causing all the other secondary medical treatment. Even at Tri City emergency room I was dismissed. Then the last time I called Oceanside Fire department to transport me to tri city they declined to do so. The first time both Oceanside Fire Dept and Tri City visit/service I was honest and told them I needed help for dystonia. The EMTs dignosed me and gave the ER staff a HEADS UP and I was treated for a migraine while in a dystonia storm-- involuntary movement. Like I am being beat up from the inside out. The last time I was at Tri City they saw me as precious IV junkie. That's awful. edgy style wears for prom and formal party

I need help with SSI because I haven't ever been able to successfully fit within the workforce but haven't been since 1999.

Please help me.

I actually believe what's happened to me medically is also a civil criminal case.

Thank you in advance for considering my concerns.


My FB is public. Photos and videos are posted.

I need my dignity so I may lead my family into their future with a life of dystonia. Botox and possible deep brain stimulation surgery. This is my goal but I cannot do this without the help of an attorney and my story being heard.