dress used for bridesmaid which is child


I was in secondary school at the time. In junior secondary to be specific. I had a neighbour, a girl in senior secondary who was perceived to be religious.
There was a neighbour's son whom she was very fond of. A two year old at the time. They were always together. I noticed the child always had an erection. He was always with her. dress used for bridesmaid which is child


I walked in one day, unnoticed and the child had his penis in her vagina! Shocked! Scared! I walked away.

Today, for the first time I am strong enough to spill it. The child is all grown now, and I'm wondering what has become of him.

Who is saving the boy child? Our sons have turned homosexuals, some were lured into it before they could make decisions for themselves.

Forget spirituality, these are real issues and they are physically and mentally sickening.

Guys, what's up? How do we curb these menaces? What's been your experiences?

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