country western wedding dresses

What should we do about dressing? Should we dress something just because most people are dressing them? Dressing is a major issue these days. These days you find girls,ladies,boys and men dressed in tight trousers, mini skirts, tight t-shirts etc. when going to Church, job interviews or some formal setting. And the only reason you can know that they are going to Church especially on Sunday is because of the Bible in their hands. And many of these people belong to the feel good Churches where they are not criticised for dressing indecently. Some preachers don't preach about indecent dressing because they don't want to lose some of their members. Some preachers can't even talk about indecent dressing because themselves dress indecently. The fact is what we wear when attending Church or formal meetings will show whether we take such meetings seriously or not. When others advise or criticise us, it doesn't mean they are against us. Yes, we are the ones to make a final decision about an advice or reproof from others. We make the final decision about something because we don't want to blame others when something goes wrong. If we follow a good advice, we will benefit. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it is right. There are many wrong things out there which many people have embraced. Let us give people the right advice and even if they don't follow it now they will remember us in future when they start facing challenges. country western wedding dresses