colored wedding wears look unique

People who know me know that I don't joke with Weddings, I am always excited to be a part of people's special day, my friends who bothered to keep count would tell me I have worn over 27 dresses already being a part of one wedding crew or another, my elder sister would ask me when I intended to wear the actual bride's dress instead of increasing my collection of train dresses # lol .
Interestingly, my love for weddings got me a `forever' like that lead character in the movie `27 dresses' I am sure I was all smiles, dancing, gisting, laughing and enjoying the company of my extended family, not knowing an eagle's eye was watching me all through. You know what they say about soul mates finding themselves out eventually because they have they same hiding place,,,,, # Hehehehe I was doing my usual train girl thing when this groom's man who happened to be a friend to my Aunt's groom came along and would not let me be until he ended up becoming my own groom #lol
I had prayed to God to give me a suitor that I will love, would love me in return and would be loved and accepted by my family and friends, Sam is the answer to that prayer, if my life were to be likened to a maths sum, he is the solution. As for my family and friends, they don't just love him, the adore him and practically act like he is a missing member of the gang. Well, after the meeting, the talking, the chatting, silent modes and mood swing, the praying, questioning, fighting and reconciling; we are ready to walk down the aisle.

For two years I was travelling like twice in a month for friends and colleagues weddings. I had worn the best man's suits to the extent that people mistook me for the groom. On one of such occasions, I got the opportunity of meeting this very pretty damsel, the moment I set my eyes on her, I knew I would go any length to have her as my bride. She wouldn't tell me her name or give me her contact on our first meeting, I had to hustle to get her number #lol I knew she wasn't the type of lady one would be privilege to run into everyday so I made up my mind to get her contact no matter what. I failed to get it on that day of our first meeting and failed on several other attempts to establish contact with her. Almost a year after, I eventually got the number from her God sent elder sister and started communicating with her. Three years down the line, I asked her officially to do me the honour of being my life partner and she agreed. Here I am today prepared to fulfill my life long dream of walking down the aisle with the best woman in the world! colored wedding wears look unique
Pls be our guest as we take this bold steps. We will be traditionally certified on Friday, the 18th day of August 2017 @ No 14. David Mark's Avenue G.R.A Otukpo. The white wedding comes up on Saturday 19th August 2017 @ THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD , House of Joy Parish, Benue Province 2 Annex, Igbanomaje Otukpo Benue State by 10:00 am. Reception follows immediately @ Victoria Event Centre, Off Ambassador Ajonye street G.R.A Otukpo. Colours of the day are; Teal green and Coral. God bless you real good

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