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Liz Howshall - "Carpe Diem!"

Vol 2, Issue 13


We welcome you to pause as you reflect and connect to purpose with the work we do at MTF. Every day, our collective efforts saves and heals lives. Each year, Americans observe
National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, by celebrating the histories, cultures and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central and South America. Read Liz Howshall's inspiring story on how tissue transplantation changed not only her life but also her heart.

Liz Howshall - Bone graft recipient (foot surgery)

Liz loves life and seizes each moment of every day. She is a visual artist skilled in multiple mediums but frequently paints pictures of animals that represent resilience, freedom, and well-being. As owner of an art supply store, she splits her time between teaching classes, working at a local community college, and caring for Shelby - her beloved dog. Liz's vibrant life came to a screeching halt as she slipped and fell down some steps.

Struggling in anguish, Liz attempted to pull herself to safety. Her injuries were worse than she had first imagined. X-rays revealed multiple fractures to her left leg and ankle. Surprisingly, she had also sprained her right ankle. Liz worried about the impending impact her injuries would have on her fast-paced life. "Being confined for seven months was truly agonizing. As a widow with no surviving relatives, I endured because of my community of friends in my town who cared for me. Thanks to my village, my stubborn nature, and donated bone from a very generous donor, my recovery was successful and I am back on my feet again", recalls Liz. cocktail party wears in navy

A year later, Liz celebrates being back to her busy schedule. Her brief hiatus, however, has brought the issue of donation and transplantation into renewed clarity. Due to her cultural upbringing in Puerto Rico, she was previously skeptical about organ donation, a mindset that is held by some in the Hispanic culture. Today, things are different. "I've been reflecting on my experience and now see how wrong I was about donation. My heart is converted and I am now considering becoming a donor. I don't know who my donor is or where they are from, but I will be forever grateful to the them. My donor is now part of the artist that I am."

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