cocktail dresses 2019

Really annoyed with your service and your delivery services I ordered 2 dresses next day delivery to a business address they attempted to deliver at 9:50 pm! They updates the status on the tracking link to "we missed you we will attempt tomorrow" the next day come they attempted to deliver at 7:50pm ! And then said we missed you on there website, the next day I started a live chat with myhermes telling them the business open hours and advising we do not open on weekend so no one is there I advised them before delivery to call me so I could go there to meet them even if it was at 9 o clock at night as this was Friday they then didn't call me and attempted at 8 o clock on Friday night and then again at 11 o clock this morning (Saturday) if they had have called me this morning or last night before attempting to deliver I could have gone to the address to meet them! In the mean time I have been back and forth emailing your customers service team it seems that you can't communicate with them and they can't communicate with you to either get them to call me or change the delivery address to my home address where I will be in the evenings . Your customer service team said after 1 more attempt they will then return the parcel and send me a refund! If they do try to deliver again this will still be out of working hours and I will miss them again unless they call me I live 5 mins away from my work address! To me they are wasting there time trying to deliver again! How long will a refund take so I can order a dress from somewhere else, may I just add in the 4 times they have not left a card for me to contact them or left my parcel in the safe place that I instructed on the live chat to them as you can imagine I'm really annoyed at the lack of communication from them to yourself or from yourself to them ! cocktail dresses 2019