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Through my life-experience(s), I found that the more knowledge acquired, the greater my spirituality grows. I finally learned how to stop being a slave to my old way of thinking. So now, before I go on a rant about how others are slaves, I first make sure that I myself am not a slave(still) ...and now, before I speak-out about other people's worldly-ways, I first look in the mirror to see if; perchance, slavish thoughts, and slavish desires exists (still). Simply-Put; in my ... daily life, do I act like royalty or a robot (still). I say this because, far greater than all or any of the my material possessions, is my choice to live in accordance with the laws of THE MOST HIGH.

Most us celebrate our 'Independence' only one or two days in a calendar year. Then soon after, head back to work for somebody else in order to pay someone else what we owe. Which goes on to show that we are not truly free. Mahatma Gandhi once said, "The moment a slave resolves that he will no longer be a slave, his fetters fall. Freedom and slavery are mental states." Also most of us are learning that, we can not count on the main stream media(songs,news,etc) to give us factual information. Before the internet, the flow of information was something the power-that-be always had in a choke-hold (first the government, then the corporations). For they learned early that 'knowledge of Information & the possession of information', is power, ...and whoever learns the information or has possession, can either enslave or set free. chic wedding pieces with lace top

IN-CLOSING: A child's mind should be continuously growing, changing, and learning ways to be free. That's why I believe the true-essence of educating a child in today's capitalistic society is to teach them that; knowledge is power, information is liberating & education is the premise of progress. Also that no matter how much money they possess, earn, win, or inherit. They still need to learn how to wisely invest it, spend it, save it, and the presence of mind, heart and soul to help others who are truly in need.___#ThatsMyTyme ___#ShalomWorld___#SupremeFreedom

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