chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous

My father was a wonderful father he had his rough patches and but was a very loving man. He taught me to ride a bike, to drive and shoot a shot gun. He was my soccer coach and still remember when he got the all girls team and rocked a pink jersey! He picked me up when I fell and wipe my tears and anything could be fixed with his chicken, carrots and cabbage. Or Oreos! From dance practice, karate, band, choir and flying hot air balloons my father encouraged me to follow my dreams. We loved to fish! Dancing with me in the living room and killing spiders my dad was my hero. Snow ball fights when it randomly snow at our house and yelling at my sister and I to get down from the tree or the roof. Lol carrying me on his shoulders when I was little and picking out my prom father also threw the best girls nights for my friends and I! chic prom wears look glittered and glamorous