casual items to wear of the wedding for the second time

"I am continually saddened by the racial divide that exists in America. While I pray for the President, I cannot support the choice words that he used to describe another American; as a leader it is unacceptable! I do not intend this post as a jab at anyone in particular, so if you read this and get offended, then maybe you need to check your heart.
So... I want to publicly apologize to all of my "non-white" friends for the lack of understanding and empathy that is continuall ... y demonstrated by a large percentage of white America; particularly white evangelicals (again, if you are getting worked up, check your heart).
To my "white" friends, I want to encourage you to speak out against injustice. I also want to encourage you to begin to engage in dialogue with those who have a darker skin tone than your own; seek to learn. If your immediate thought to this post is that you aren't racist, I want you to look a little deeper. Stop saying, "I'm not racist because I have a black friend." For the sake of argument, I also won't call you racist, but I will add the designation of ignorant; ignorant of other cultures and the struggles they encounter daily in America. To quote Dr. Greg Boyd, "The reason white people don't 'get it,' is that they don't realize that they don't 'get it.'" To my "white" friends, resist getting upset; resist becoming defensive; resist the urge to point fingers or make excuses. Stop. Evaluate. Engage. Dialogue. Speak up and don't remain silent when you see injustice. Change starts with each of us as individuals. Seek to begin to "get it." casual items to wear of the wedding for the second time

Words from my dear friend Adam Sikorski . AG Pastor speaking truth. Thank you for standing up, and speaking out as a Mighty Man of God! I love you tremendously! # IStandWithYou # BlackLivesMatter # SpeakOut # StandUp

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