bridesmaid wears look glittered and shiny

You see, to keep your virginity, chastity and
purity, you need to focus on the pain and
pleasure of sex not just the pain! Focusing on
the pain will help you take to your heels when
you are tempted, focusing on the pleasure will
give you reasons to wait for marriage -this is
From the women I can counsel who have
sexual dysfunction or psycho-sexual problems,
I discover that they focused so much on the
pain, ran away from pre-marital sex (which is
good), married as virgins but have serious
problems enjoying sex! 90% if the women I
counsel who have serious sexual problems
married as virgins!
You must do the two! You must let it sink in
your head that pre-marital sex will destroy
your life! It will destroy your self esteem,
confidence, spiritual purity and testimony! It
will kill the confidence you need to enjoy
marriage. It will destroy your trust for your
spouse! There is 50% chance of committing
adultery in marriage thereby ruining your
chances of marital bliss then you are at risk of bridesmaid wears look glittered and shiny
HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes Simplex,
Herpes Zoster, etc! You are at risk of unwanted
pregnancies, lose of dream, focus, spiritual
power, vision and destiny. You try abortion,
you are at risk of having weak/incompetent
cervix, cervical cancer, damaged womb, Pelvic
Inflammation Disease, etc.
As a man, you are at risk of having low sperm
count, erectile dysfunction, delayed
ejaculation, pre-mature ejaculation and all
manner of sexual problems interfering with
your sex life in marriage and your chances of
impregnating your wife! Keep the pain in your
head! That helped Joseph flee! Samson only
focused on the pleasure! He lost his anointing,
power and destiny to Delilah neat!
Focusing on the pain is not enough, or you
enter marriage with paranoia, sexual fears,
twisted view of sex that you find it difficult
releasing yourself to your husband for sexual
enjoyment as a woman and you find it difficult
giving your wife sexual pleasure as a man!
Focus on the pleasure in marriage! Know that
real pleasure, real orgasm, deep intimacy, the
joy that you saves sex for your spouse and the
pride that you didn't defile your body awaits
you after marriage. When you have the
pleasure in mind, it helps you to patiently wait
for sex, overcome temptations and keep your
pride and dignity!
Focusing on the two helped me as a single
person! When I remember the pain associated
with pre-marital sex, I cringed to the point of
freezing! It made me hate pre-marital sex with
passion! It lost its appeal. When I remember
the joy of sexual intimacy with the one I love
and cherish, I joyfully waited and was eager to
marry and have sex.
I simply enjoy sex in marriage! When women
tell me they don't enjoy sex it keeps me
baffled. I wonder whether we are on the same
planet. I always look forward to sex, I ask for
sex, I desire sex, I eat sex, I pray on sex, I
think on sex, sex in marriage simply gives
I am a super confident woman! Knowing that
my husband always desire me, wants me,
needs me, and I'm capable of sending him to
the orbit gives me boldness and power!
Nothing gives a woman power like the
capability to give her husband pleasure! It is a
self esteem booster! I fear no devil! My
relationship with God is intact and sweetly look
forward to spending eternity in Paradise!
Waiting for sex pays! Nothing compares with
waiting, nothing!
Wait for sex! Stop masturbating! Stop sleeping
around, stop aborting! It will destroy your self
esteem, confidence and testimony forever! You
stand before your husband ashamed and
broken! You lose the opportunity of being
celebrated for your virginity forever!
Waiting for the pleasure is worth it. My
husband has a great sex life. Having never had
sex before with no one to compare me with in
the past makes every sexual encounter send
shivers down his spine! His genuine love for
me makes him bond, merge and give me
pleasure over and over again! The chemistry is
high, sex is hot and my goodness, marriage is
....I can't describe it.
Don't try sex before marriage. You will hate
yourself after doing it. SEX IS WORTH WAITING
FOR, there is no where you are rushing to. At
the end you will be happy, grateful to God you
waited and thank your spouse for helping you
keep your testimony. FEEL FREE TO SHARE. God
bless you. Cheers!