bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve

I'm sick of these folks taking knees during our anthem. Even the women who was singing it at the Titian's game took a knee during her performance. To me I don't give a shit what they do. I mean we all take a knee when a player is hurt on the field as a sign of respect for a hurt player. But during the national anthem taking a knee instead of standing is fucking disrespectful. I won't watch another NFL game unless it's the cowboys cause Jerry Jones told them guys ya take a kne ... e ya can get ya ass off my field. Fuck the others. And ya notice it's almost all fucking blacks. Like really ? They are trying to turn the country around and it ain't gonna fucking happen. They say they are offended by cotton. Well ya stupid fucks ya better go home and burn ya clothes your furniture sheets and all. Don't sit in your car seat ether. Y'all are letting these fucking idiots get control. Not here. Not Mississippi. America has lost its fucking pride ever since we had a nigger president. Fuck what y'all think. This is America and ya can't change a damn thing from the past. Get the fuck over yourselves and make the future what your worried about instead of the past. Grow the fuck up. bridesmaid collations with 3 4 sleeve

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