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Sun Peaks: geez! I am never doing Spartan Races in BC, again. These mountain inclines are crazy. A lot of my friends had the hardest Beast of their lives yesterday, many who also DNFed.

The Sprint today was actually not that bad. I hated the incline not because of the work involved, but because I couldn't run up it, so it slowed me down a lot. That being said, for the first time in my life, I was able to completely run down the mountain with no pain or struggle. My ankles hel ... d up just fine.
I did all of the men's weights for the strength obstacles and made it farther on the multirig than ever before. I dropped at the transition from the rings to the rope. The dunk wall was the best, ever. We didn't even need to submerge our heads.

I also suffered a weird injury. I injured some ribs landing on the top of the 6 foot wall. I hoisted myself and then landed on my ribs. It doesn't hurt now and the medic team said I was okay and did not pop or crack a rib, as my breathing is fine, mostly. The ribs only hurt when I tried to barrel roll over other walls or cargo nets. Occasionally on a hard inhale, I feel a little sharp pain, but not every time. No bruising or weird marks, yet. bohemian wedding apparels in vintage style
I also lost my timing chip, for the first time ever. Super weird.

Definitley leaning more toward getting the US season pass for Spartan next year...!

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