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This is a Great testimonial! I know some ladies that deal with this issue! <3

I used to be so against cannabis up until about 3 years ago until I experienced its IMMENSE healing properties first hand. I have a condition called "polycystic breast disease". I had it since I was 12. Every year of my life it would get worse, no kidding, more cysts and more pain. By time I was about 31 or 32 it got unbearable. Not to go into too much details, but just to put it into context, my breasts literally felt like a bag of marbles and the pain was like a constant migraine in my breasts. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen were not helpful at all. I was hesitant to take prescribed narcotics because it wouldn't make a good long term solution to the problem. The doctor told me that there was no treatments available for the pain or cyst multiplication, and that if they removed the cysts, they would only grow back to being just as bad because of the nature of the illness. Being left with the only two options for this unbearable and life disrupting pain, opiate pills or cannabis, I hesitantly chose cannabis, at the time seeing it as the 'less evil'. It was the first effective pain treatment that I ever had. In fact, it was the only thing that would get rid of the pain. To my surprise, the cysts actually started to shrink!!! I was told that this was a chronic lifetime condition that would never improve. But now, it is like I never even had this condition. I get NO pain anymore, and the cysts went from being like a bag full of many many marbles, to being like a few peas in my breasts. I am very vocal about my support for medical cannabis now, which was a complete turn around, as I was completely against the use of pot before. I am so glad that I use it now, because for the first time since I was a kid, I don't have to live with breast pain. affordable full-figured wears for formal party below 50