UcenterDress vintage inspired wedding items in short length

So i promised an update to a whole bunch of people so here we go...it was Devine intervention that saved my life with this car accident, and I say that with all the faith in the world. When I had the accident It left me with 10 broken ribs and a broken sternum, I never knew Pain could be so painful. I would joke with GOD everyday and asked, " really god, you could have accomplished the same results with 1 or 2 ribs. Well it wasn't until a dear friend of brought it to my att ... ention l, thank you Rashidah Blizzard that had it only been one or 2 ribs, I wouldn't even have gone to the ER, a scan wouldn't have been done and we would have never found my tumor that I named heffalumpagus. Shay also told me that everything I've been going through the past few years has been in preparation to make me stronger for the fight I'm about to have. I was diagnosed this week with stage 3 cancer. I had my meltdown, I've shed my last tear and I've had my pity party. From this day on I will never give this awful disease anymore attention expect for me getting my chemo for 6 months and concentrating on my health, I will leave that up to the Dr.s and the researchers to find a cure before our grand babies grow up. I still ask for prayers but not just for me, but for every person who fighting this disease and every family member that has to watch their loved ones fight the fight of there life, as for me, UcenterDress vintage inspired wedding items in short length

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