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Some of you know that I have a wild turtle that comes and visits me each day. So I named it "Ninja," appropriately.

So I did some turtle research and learned a few things.

1st. Ninja is a female. (Ninja has brown eyes, males have red eyes)
2nd. Ninja is an old turtle, probably 15-20 years old.
3rd. She's an omnivore... (she might like a non spicy taco)
4th. She's a social critter
And lastly: Florida Box Turtles make awesome pets! (Though I'm not sure I could really do this)

Obviously, Ninja has reached out to me for a reason. I'm not sure if it's food, water, attention, I don't know. But she's been a consistent friend each morning for a while now....... UcenterDress mature ladies wedding apparels in tea length

This morning, Bucko showed up and decided to protect her, after all, these two are best friends now....

Who would have thought a human could make best friends between a turtle and a wild deer??? Well guess what?

This is something I've accomplished and quite proud of!