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Apparition is the boldest equivalent of true glory revelation because it's going beyond satan masquerading as angel of light to enthroning himself as god. The God of this world is the counterfeiting of God -- the Father and the prince of this world is the counterfeiting of Jesus Christ as the Prince of Peace, who is the only one that can give peace to the world -- the people. Another important part is that, satan is not only ... counterfeiting God's Holy angels as a fallen angel, he is also assuming the identity and place of the Living God. "I will be like the Most High." Because there is no other God Besides the true Living God, the satanic falsehood will pass all the litmus tests in the world. Apparition is the highest order of demonic revelation! It's a concerted effort to challenge true spiritual uniformity or unification -- as a way to avoid or undercut the vulnerability of exposure to suspicion, distrust, or spiritual and physical investigation. The face value of apparition is to satisfy the victim to yield his or her whole acceptance without having to look any further for additional verification and confirmation. The same way that the creations obey the voice of the LORD God, satan as a false god -- the counterfeit of the true Living God and the Kingdom structures of the government of Heaven, mimics, not only the acts, but also the ways of God. These activities includes the ways that the LORD God operates through the created works, so the creations of God Almighty are equally victimized in the deception. There is no other way to substantiate falsehood except by counterfeiting and mimicking the true or the real! Therefore, apparition is direct threat to the revelation of the glory of the LORD God! Ucenter Dress latest prom collections look hot


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