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What is Meniscus and what is a Meniscus tear?

Meniscus is a piece of cartilage that provides cushioning between your femur and tibia. There are 2 menisci in each knee joint. Tea Length Prom Dresses 2020

Meniscus can be damaged or torn during activities that cause the knee joint to rotate and is a common injury.


There are multiple types of tear that the meniscus can sustain. The picture below shows some of these tears.

Symptoms of a meniscus tear include:
- pain in the knee
- swelling
- a popping sensation during the initial injury
- difficulty bending and straightening the leg
- knee locking

Treatment of meniscus tears depend on the size and location of the tear. Some tears may require surgery.

Non-surgical treatments include:
- rest, ice, compression, elevation
- taking anti-inflammatories
- stretching and strengthening exercises
- avoiding impact activities

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