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It is recommended that you take it warm and preferably on an empty stomach and before you always go to bed when you start your consumption It can also be combined with morynzime as a natural sweetener which is rich in enzymes to improve digestion. Later dates as well as water use. After you use it, save the costalito in a glass with water in the refrigerator. It should be clarified that cold tastes delicious. Online wedding collections shipped from China
The Envelope can boil again up to 3 times, after having ... used it, let it dry and you can add it to soups, wines, plants, or put it in a foot bath along with coffee to get rid of mushrooms or Athlete, buried nail, calluses or pain. You can also use and cold bags in your eyes to relax and relax.
- he keeps good health.
- it helps to lower fever in children and adults.
- eject phlegm (Expectorant)
- relieve the sore throat.
- eradicate ulcers in the mouth.
- counteract the bad breath.
- dry your lips.
- it improves the rough voice

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